Our Fifteenth Week Working In Camping Le Moulin In Chef-Boutonne

This is a very short edition this week as I've been laying poorly in bed feeling sorry for myself all day! My body's telling me that after not having had a proper day off for a while, it needs a rest. Jamie needs a rest too, but, instead he looked after me and did everything on site that needed doing. Thank you Jamo, I love you.

It was a busy week between getting some mobile homes and their pitches ready for vacationers, trimming bushes and trees and working in the restaurant for the Sunday roast and Tuesday's live Jazz session. One of the highlights of our fifteenth week at Camping Le Moulin was to be invited for a "caravan-made" Thai curry by Tony and Dee, lovely inspiring caravanners from Poole who spent six nights with us. It's been very hot and sunny all of a sudden, let's hope it brings more holidayers our way. 

I'm not sure if this would pass health & safety regulations...

The essential for a true Sunday roast: Yorkshire pudding!