One Hell of A Climb! Cycling Up to the Hardangervidda Plateau

We felt really lucky as the weather was so beautiful, we thought we ought to “use it” and not miss an opportunity to cycle again. Jamie had spoken to the old friendly campsite manager in the evening after our cycle ride to Voringsfossen and talked about hiking in the Hardangervidda plateau. To get up to the plateau though you could either drive the old 11km or cycle it, we decided on the latter and thought we may do a little hike too at the end of it.

Well, it was one hell of a climb! Higher, longer and more strenuous than the one to Voringsfossen with more beautiful views into the valley. When we finally made it to the top, we quickly forgot about hiking; even though the view onto the plateau was pretty amazing, we couldn’t face trekking it and cycling all the way back down to the campsite.

I have the endurance and stamina to go up, but when it comes to going downhill, I tend to be more of a wimp really – I find it quite scary; I knew the journey back would be quite hard as there were many tight hairpin bends and gravels. Jamie and I kissed goodbye and agreed we’d meet each other by the Hardangervidda Nature Visitor Centre near the campsite. Jamie whizzed it all the way down and I took it steadily; my brakes will probably need changing soon! I did enjoy “letting loose” and feel the breeze through my body – it was exhilarating! Jamie said his breaks were too hot to touch at the bottom.