Day 12 – Isle of Skye or The Curious Incident of Sylvie Stalking Danny MacAskill in the Daytime!

Yes, it is sad, you’re thinking, but I couldn’t stop myself. I had to do it. I take full responsibility for my actions; Jamie certainly didn’t ask me and was half laughing / half scared in the “this-is-not-my-wife” kind of way when I told him we should tweet Danny MacAskill.

You may not recognise his name or may have not even heard of him before. MacAskill is a professional stunt biker who's become a bit of a YouTube sensation after his video “Way back home” went viral. The film shows Danny cycling and doing amazing tricks all the way from Edinburgh to his home in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.

So when we went for a bike ride from our campsite in Edinbane to discover the area and have lunch on Dunvegan Pier, we were happily surprised to find Dunvegan’s police station and the Misty Hotel featured in the video. I can’t remember when, but later on that day, Jamie told me that Danny had actually posted on Twitter that he was back home. 

Jamie in front of Dunvegan's police station.
With excitement and enthusiasm which I can only name the “Twitter fever”, I thought we ought to contact him. Not by sending him a simple nod, I went all the way to asking him for a pint! I sadly even thought for at least a good hour afterwards that he would grab the offer... Yes, Sylvie... That’s right.. How could possibly anybody in their right mind accept the offer of a complete stranger stalking them on Twitter...

Well, you live and learn and laugh about it!