Day 3 - The start of an adventure

This is it, Izzy (the motorhome), Jamie (the husband) and I (Sylvie, the wifey) are on the start of our 365 days journey across Europe. After months of planning and preparation and final goodbyes to friends and family, we’ve finally made it onto the road. It has felt like a never ending journey at times. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.

A little montage for the launch of our trip and blog...
After a day and night in the Yorkshire Dales, we’ve parked Izzy at the Ken Bridge Hotel campsite near New Galloway, Scotland. I asked Jamie last night what he thought had been one of the most difficult things he’d had to do to make our adventure happen. His instant reply: “Leaving London.”. I agreed, leaving our life in Finsbury Park; our family and friends, our local pub (King’s Head), our local grocery store, the several cafes and restaurants to move to Jamie’s mum & dad’s house in Wakefield, West Yorkshire was hard.

For the moment, sat in the bar of the Ken Bridge Hotel whilst Jamie’s talking to the friendly hotel owner cycling routes we could try out, part of me has already worried about the fact that we haven’t been able to access the internet since we left Wakefield which means not having been able to start our online blog, but also contacting my family in France and other few things. I ought to stop worrying and enjoy the moment. Let’s see what tomorrow brings – a M6 motorway sign said “HEAVY RAIN”... Hopefully, it’ll still allow us to cycle around Galloway’s Forest Park.