Geiranger fjord v Breaking Bad ("BB")

On one hand you have the Unesco world heritage site, Geiranger fjord and on the other, an outstanding US tv series set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, “Breaking Bad” (“BB”). A chemistry teacher, Walter White turns “Meth cook” after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in order to pay for the best treatments and provide for his family’s future after his death.

How can one start comparing probably one of the most beautiful fjords in the world with one of the best TV dramas one would ask? Well, I can’t and shouldn’t really, but like a lot of our friends back home, you can’t help, but be engrossed and feel embroiled in Walter’s life and his family. Your heart pumping and pondering as his story gets more and more complex episodes after episodes, seasons after seasons. Addicted we were and watched three episodes in a row!

We did see the fjord by the way. It was an amazing site, but as we’d already driven passed and followed coastal roads along numerous Norwegian fjords across the country, and had done a lot of hiking and cycling getting our hearts racing such as watching BB does, somehow slowly cruising on an 18km-long fjord from Geiranger to Hellsylt, one hour there and back felt quite sleepy. So much so that Jamie did fall asleep in the lounge.

Geiranger fjord, Unesco world heritage site
Part of me wanted to wake him up as it’s not everyday one would get the chance to do such a boat ride on a Unesco world heritage site, but no he needed rest and looked so peaceful and still like the water we were cruising on.