Day 8 & 9 - The tribulations of launching our blog

Waooh, it took us a good couple of days to get our blog set up and ready to be launched! It felt hard at times especially when all of a sudden the campsite’s wifi went down and even our high gain wifi antenna couldn’t boost it. 

I think one of the hardest parts is going to keep writing regularly and post different bits to make our blog interesting and attractive. Let’s see if we get any comments or likes in the next few days. We thanked Nigel profusely yesterday as we left the Lochranza campsite late – we wanted to leave only once we’d launched our blog. 

Jamie got to know him and his wife quite a bit in the past few days, it’d be lovely to keep in touch and who knows, maybe to come back one day to help them run their campsite whilst they go on holidays. This would help us gain some experience in the hope that one day we too run our own campsite... But this is another story and another dream.

What a thief! Yes, red deers were always roaming around the campsite,
but this one knew what he wanted!


  1. I'm enjoying reading this blog! :-) Just FYI!


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