Day 14 – Gale Wind and Torrential Rain or The Night When We Thought We’d get Washed Away in the Sea

I would love to say that Skye was like the picture of the Caribbean we had both seen and heard about– empty quiet bays, turquoise sea and blue sky. Our experience wasn’t quite like that, no. Our picture was more one of two frightened faces wrapped up against each other in their over cab bed thinking their motorhome would topple over and get washed away in the sea by the wind and rain. Jamie kept thinking that the roof would be peeled off like a sardine tin! This was our first night wild camping or “motorhoming in the wild” on Skye in Staffin Bay. MEMORABLE!

Staffin Bay before the storm.
Looking back, it really felt like a dramatic night. We both couldn’t sleep for what seemed hours after we went to bed as Izzy [our motorhome] was being literally rocked by crazy winds we’d never experienced in our lives, not even in America. We both probably made it worse asking each other whether we should move or even if we would make it.

Elgol, Isle of Skye, the day after our crazy night.

The weather did improve a little after a couple of days, but the rain continued on and off making it difficult to really enjoy the countryside and landscapes. It didn’t stop us explore the areas we wanted to see, but instead of being able to cycle or hike, it meant we’d just move on every day. That’s why today, day 18, we’ve already left Skye and are nearing the end of our tour of Scotland. In Inverness yesterday and Kingussie tonight, we’re looking forward to paying a visit to one of Jamie’s old colleagues, Manish in Glasgow and hopefully finish our tour on a high.

What's next then? We’re going to head back to Wakefield for a short while to order some vitals and then head for Scandinavia next week – how exciting!


  1. Sounds horrendous!! Glad you all survived to tell the tale. Enjoy the last few days of your Scotland adventure :)


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