Day 7 - Oopsie, I think we have a problem...

Jamie discovered a leak late last night in our shower/toilet room. Working it out for three hours in the evening, he couldn’t get anywhere due to not having the right tool – he needed a “monkey wrench for a 5cm bolt” he’d explained. 

Feeling guilty I couldn’t actually help him with the DIY, I took it on me to find him the much needed tool. Peering my head through our drawn curtains, I could see most campers were already in bed and for those who weren’t, it didn’t look like they could be disturbed. 

After a first failed attempt, I proudly got back to our van with one of our neighbour’s very rusty adjustable monkey wrench. My excitement was quickly shattered as Jamie said it didn’t work with the bolt... Third attempt lucky though as Nigel (the campsite manager) said he’d be able to lend us one and maybe even help us if needed, but we’d have to wait to the morning. Ooray! That was absolutely fine – Jamie needed a rest and a good night sleep. 

Here’s the scene of the damage in picture: 

The monkey wrench tool

The tap

What's going on underneath the tap...

Who would have known that our kitchen tap would be linked up with the shower tap? You wouldn't know from the pict!

Today Nigel became our hero, whilst I got out of the way to do a parcel and letter for my sister, he successfully helped Jamie sort out the leak. What a relief! We both decided we should get him something to thank him as this was truly out of any campsite manager’s remit! I needed to post the parcel and wanted to get out as well to discover a bit of the island so I said to Jamie I’d cycle to Brodick and get a cake for him whilst getting other bits and pieces for us. What a ride! The route follows the east coast of the island and is truly beautiful, I even spotted a Common seal – very exciting!